PhysioHey has a reputation for providing excellent patient care and services, below are just some of the comments we receive on a regular basis

Back / neck injuries

Back Pain

After years of paying for private health care, I felt that I had to accept that discomfort was maybe my future. The physio not only listened but suggested exercises and provided treatment which reduced the pain and anxiety. The staff are a credit to the NHS trust and have improved my quality of life

Slipped Disc

I attended with a slipped disc in my back and after receiving the right treatment, advice and exercise I felt it getting better every week. I am very satisfied with the service, it is well needed

Lower Back Pain

Since my first appointment my condition has improved 100%

Neck Pain

The service was great, very friendly giving precise instructions that were easy to follow

Lower back pain

Excellent service and very worthwhile

Back pain

My initial experience with PhysioHull was after first hearing about the service, I recommended that my sister contacted them as she had suffered from back pain for over 20 years and was experiencing a particular bad episode.

Her positive experienced of this service stayed with me and when some months later I started to experience pain in my back and hips. I contacted the department and left a message. An administrator rang me back and informed me that the Physiotherapist would ring give me a call. I was asked what time would be convenient for me and selected to be called back at 8am if possible.

The next morning at 8am I was phoned by a Physiotherapist who asked me questions to determine what my problem was. I was informed that initially some exercise might be useful and I was sent an exercise sheet through the post. The physiotherapist explained why this would help in a way that was understandable and made sense. I was asked to contact the dept. again for a follow up discussion and following this I went on to have a series of physiotherapy at Morrill Street . The physiotherapist was very knowledgeable and explained what she felt was the problem which was a disk in my back. I had 4 sessions of physio and thankfully the pain went.

I have since recommended this service to two of my friends and would have no hesitation in using this again. Once of the big plusses for me was that it is direct access and I didn’t have to go to my GP to be referred.

Lower limb injuries

Knee Pain

Very helpful and in such a short time my knee pain improved

Mr Miller Kingwood, Hull

I was training for my charity place in the 2013 Great North Run when I’d started to get some pain on the inside of my left knee cap. The pain seemed to be getting worse as I got closer to the date of the event. I did manage to complete the race, but did so with some discomfort. I’d read a little bit about ‘runner’s knee’ on the internet and was aware that this was a common condition amongst runners. I decided to take some rest after the race, but the pain didn’t seem to be reducing and would flair up whenever I put any strain on the knee.

I’d noticed the PhysioHull posters at a previous visit to my GP and decided to give the number a call. I called quite late on an evening after work, but was able to leave a message on an answerphone. I was pleasantly surprised when I got a call back the very next day at 8.30am. I was initially dubious as to what benefit I’d get from a telephone conversation, especially as I’d read that the knee area was quite complex when I’d done my initial research on the internet. The physiotherapist on the end of the phone asked me to talk through what had been the problem. She asked me a series of questions during a consultation of around 10 minutes. She decided that my problem was likely to be Patellofemoral pain syndrome (which is the technical name for ‘runner’s knee’). The physiotherapist said she’d send some exercise examples through the post that would be tailored to my condition and specifically for the problem knee. These arrived the very next day, which was also a pleasant surprise as this was the so close to the festive period. We ended the call with the physiotherapist reminding me that I could call back at any time for further advice and that we could easily set up a consultation in person at a health centre near to my home if the problem didn’t go away after the exercises, or if I had any other concerns. The whole experience was very good and has changed my perception of telephone clinics.

I started to do the exercises immediately and have been doing for a couple of weeks now. I was initially sceptical as to what benefit I’d get from a telephone conversation, but the self-management option has really started to work for me. It is early days for me and I was told I may need to do the exercises for several weeks before the pain would go completely and the exercises help to rebalance the muscles either side of my knee. I’m already feeling quite a bit better, to the extent where I am considering resuming light jogs on an evening and have also entered into the ballot for the Great North Run 2014. Overall this has been a great experience which allows me to do my rehabilitation in my own time and at my own pace and I’m starting to see some real results

Upper limb injuries

Shoulder Impingement

The approach and care very good and professional

Shoulder Pain

Staff were caring and understanding, taking time and great care to answer my questions