About Us

PhysioHey provides an innovative range physiotherapy services for the population of Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire.  .  Our services pride themselves on ensuring patients receive right care, in the right place,  first time and has the ability to network within Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust to seek alternative specialist opinions when required.  Those patients with chronic or long-term conditions our expert team will educate and provide you with the resources you need to self-manage your condition optimizing overall health, wellbeing and promoting independence.  The website aims to provide a range of practical and useful information to help you to stay well.

If you have followed the information on this website and still feel you additional assistance please contact your GP

If you do need to attend for face to face treatment PhysioHey operates in the main localities of Hull and provides clinics up until 8pm.  These locations have gym and specialist equipment such as isokinetic and balance training technology available based up on clinical need.

PhysioHey believes you should receive the right treatment in the right place first time, to achieve this the service is provided by a range of highly skilled professionals who will involve and support you during your rehabilitation to meet realistic goals agreed during your assessment.

PhysioHey staff can access your referring consultant or GP  with ease. PhysioHey can also view any diagnostics such as ultrasounds, X-rays and MRI’s you have received at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  We will offer advice on medications that are available from your local pharmacist or liaise with your doctor for other pain or anti-inflammatory medication ensuring your doctor is informed and central to your ongoing care.

This website contains some  links to third party resources we think you may find useful.